Your front end sale is a huge success! But…If you would like to boost more revenue for yoursales, you should come up with amazing back end ideas to convert more sales.

Offer Extension Products From Your Front End Products

If you have offered 10 products in your front end sales, you could try adding 10 more items as a back end sales package. This is for them to upgrade their current order at a lower price since they have purchased the first product.

Offer Freebies

Attach the advertisement of your back end products in the freebies to attract their attention and spark their interest without selling them directly. If they’re interested, they could click on the link from the advertisement.

Membership Area

Create a membership area for your subscribers in your sales site so that they will receive the latest great offer and incentives from you. Also, you can convert sales from them for long term consideration since you have gained their trust from the first purchase.

Introduce Your Back End Products

Customers could get annoyed if you are trying to sell them another product after they have purchased one. Instead of direct selling, introduce your back end products. If they’re interested, they can click on your sales page.

Free Newsletter Subscriptions

You can offer a free newsletter subscription to your customers since they have made their purchase. This can ensure that they will not miss any great deal from you and to guarantee your source of customers too!

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